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  Helpful Information

Company Name: As you would like displayed on your reports. If you have multiple companies, fill out a separate signup form for each.

Industry: This gives us more context when categorizing your transactions.

Quickbooks: If you do have a file, but it doesn’t contain very good data, it would be best to select “No” and let us create a fresh one for you.

Our bookkeeping rate is just $150 per month, per company. If you are behind on your books, we reduce it to $100 per month for all catch-up months.

We recommend having us start your bookkeeping with January of the first year in which you haven’t yet filed your taxes, so that you have an accurate and complete set of financials for your next tax filing.

Don’t worry about giving us too early of a start date. If your business started mid-year, we won’t start charging until the first month you have transactions. And if in this first month there are less than 10 transactions, we will waive the fee for this month.
Don’t worry about giving us too early of a start date. When reviewing your QuickBooks file, we won’t charge you anything for months that are already done. And for months with over half the transactions already entered, we will only charge $50 for each of these months.
  • If you use Paypal, list it, but you don’t need to put an account #
  • No need to list loans, payroll, merchant statements, Amazon or Ebay statements, or anything that isn’t a Checking, Savings, or Credit Card account.
  • If you have any accounts that are currently closed, type “(Closed)” after the bank name.
  • If you have multiple cards under the same account, list only the main account # as it appears at the top of the monthly statement.