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No, but it sure helps! If you own a business, you need to have an income statement which shows how much money your business is making. This report is needed each year by your CPA to file your taxes. If you have the time and know what you are doing, you can try preparing this report yourself. If not, you can hire us to help.
We prepare and send you your business financial reports each month (Income Statement and Balance Sheet).
Our service is for the small business owner who simply wants an easy and affordable way to have a knowledgeable bookkeeper prepare their monthly financial reports.
We get everything we need from your bank statements, which we retrieve automatically each month using a secure software. Then we enter and categorize everything into QuickBooks so we can send you your financial reports.
No, we wouldn’t do that to you! When we send you your reports, they are in a super simple format that makes it very easy for you to review from any web browser, no software required.
Just $150 per month, per company. If you are behind on your bookkeeping, we want to make it easy for you to catch up. So for a limited time, for all months prior to the current month, we reduce that rate to $100, as well as split the total into 3 monthly payments.

How we compare to other bookkeeping options:

 Important note:  We believe it is important to point out from the graph above that we take the extra time and effort to keep your books in QuickBooks, the most widely used software. Most other companies have built their own bookkeeping softwares in order to be able to do the bookkeeping faster. This is bad news for you, because if you leave that service, you can’t use their software and so are left without a bookkeeping file containing all of your historical data. You are only given basic reports.

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Jordan Merritt
Owner & CEO

Merritt Bookkeeping was founded in 2009. Our owner and founder, Jordan Merritt, was working as an accountant when his mom asked him for help with her bookkeeping in QuickBooks. In helping her out he realized that most small business owners are going to be completely lost when it comes to doing their own bookkeeping. And they are not going to have the budget to hire someone full time. That’s when he asked his best friend Perry Paolini to join him in creating Merritt Bookkeeping. Over 7+ years later they now have hundreds of clients all over the country!

Additionally, Merritt Bookkeeping has donated over $10,000 worth of bookkeeping services to various nonprofits. The more clients they get, the more free bookkeeping they can give out. If you have a nonprofit that you would like to consider for free bookkeeping, send an email to nonprofit [@] merrittbookkeeping [dot] com.

Perry Paolini
Owner & Manager

Hema R.
Support & Bookkeeping

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Niko W.

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