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$ – Prices as low as $50/mth, no setup fees
) – Risk free, 100% money back guarantee
O – Fast setup, just a 15 minute phone call

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Sabrina Orchid
Owner of Brushed by Sabrina in San Diego, CA
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Ashley McGuire

Ashley McGuire

Jordan Merritt at Merritt Bookkeeping has been the solution for my company’s struggles with managing our own books.  As a small business that is happily facing a boom, we found ourselves not able to keep up and not able to make strong financial decisions without having a clear look at our books.  It took Jordan very little time to whip it all into shape and we are experiencing a lot more success, peace of mind, and organization!  I rarely post yelp reviews (not enough time!!) but I am really happy to take the time to help people discover Merritt Bookkeeping.

Taylor Drye

Taylor Drye

Jordan and Perry at Merritt Bookkeeping have been one of the best additions to our small business that I can think of in recent years. Their service is friendly, precise, and affordable. Jordan took the time to educate me on how to get the most out of my monthly reports. This has given me a perspective and “pulse” on my business that is invaluable. I highly recommend Merritt Bookkeeping to any business looking to get a deeper insight into their business. These guys are the best!

James Merlini

James Merlini

Simple, Reliable, Affordable… Merritt Bookkeeping has always been a vital component to my company’s financial efforts. Very knowledgeable and efficient, Merritt Bookkeeping gets the job done right, and at a fair price. I no longer worry about the “books” and am able to fully focus on my core strengths of running my company and moving towards my goals. I highly recommend Merritt Bookkeeping!

Working with others
Working with us


They drop you as a client because they took another job.
We are a bookkeeping company. We aren’t going anywhere.

They haven’t sent you anything in 4 months.
We have your books automatically completed and delivered monthly.

They send you a vague hourly bill, and you wonder why it costs so much.
We charge based on your volume of transactions. Clear and predictable.

They ask you to mail or scan and send receipts.
We don’t require this, as we’ve figured out an easier system.

They require you to use a bookkeeping software.
We take care of your books for you.

They don’t make it easy for you to make changes to your financials.
We’ve created a very easy and simple spreadsheet-based review system.

They don’t work with QuickBooks.
We keep your data in a QuickBooks file that is your property.



For as little as $50 per month, here's what we can do for you


1) Gather Information

Send us your bank statements each month, or give us restricted online access so we can gather them ourselves.


2) Enter Data

We code all of your transactions as income, expenses, assets, liabilities, or equity into QuickBooks.


3) Send Reports

We send you a beautiful PDF of your financial statements.

Contact us for a free customized quote! We stand behind our work with a 100% money back guarantee!


Below is an example of the monthly financial reports

Monthly Financial ReportsClick here to download Sample PDF report.

About Us

We are a team of professional bookkeepers located in Downtown San Diego.

Jordan Merritt

Jordan Merritt


Jordan is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, and a magna cum laude graduate from Tulane University’s A.B. Freeman School of Business. He greatly enjoys working with and helping other business owners.

Perry Paolini

Perry Paolini

Operations Manager

Perry graduated from the Martin V. Smith School of Business with a degree in Finance. He started his career building complex operational and financial software programs in the Commercial Real Estate industry. He enjoys yoga, mountain biking, and traveling!

Jenna Arak

Jenna Arak

Creative Director

Jenna is a copywriter and digital marketer. She worked in public relations and marketing for 8 years, before starting her own freelance business. She loves helping entrepreneurs market their business to the unique audience they’re hoping to reach through valuable and relevant content. In her spare time, she loves reading and drinking white wine.

Niko Winstead

Niko Winstead

Sales Manager

Niko’s focus is to bring bookkeeping solutions to worried business owners. By listening to a clients needs, Niko provides relief and assurance. When he is not surfing San Diego’s many breaks, he can be found playing on the beach with his dog.

Hema Rao

Hema Rao

Customer Support

Hema’s passion is accounting. She has a BS in accounting from the University of Bangalore and a Certificate in accounting from the University of California, Berkeley. With experience in accounting, working with numerous clients, Hema is ready to help business owners with accounting issues.

Celia Ferriss

Celia Ferriss

Bookkeeping Manager

Celia has 20+ years of experience as a Staff Accountant and has a deep understanding of all aspects of accounting. She enjoys jogging, hiking and taking her dog Max to the park.

Adam Snyder

Adam Snyder


Adam graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a degree in Accounting. Since joining Merritt Bookkeeping Services and moving to San Diego he says he’ll never leave “America’s Finest City”. Go Chargers!

Joe Morales

Joe Morales


Joe graduated from San Diego State University with degrees in Accounting and Finance. He loves meeting new people and can often be seen at many of San Diego’s networking events. When he’s not making sure your books are accurate and reconciled he’s playing basketball and hanging out with his family.

Our Story

Merritt Bookkeeping was founded in 2009. Jordan Merritt was working as an accountant when his mom asked him for help with the bookkeeping for her small business. In helping her out he realized that most small business owners are going to be completely lost when it comes to doing their own bookkeeping. And they are not going to have the budget to hire someone full time.

Thats when he decided to leave his job and focus on building a bookkeeping company that would offer an easy, affordable, and professional remote bookkeeping service to small businesses nationwide.


Call me or send me a message below. I’d love to speak with you! – Jordan Merritt, owner

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